MVI has provided property management services to sophisticated clients, such as Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. and Raytheon Corporation, as well as to single asset property investors. MVI's boutique approach to management and its commitment to excellence and sustainability have found an audience among owners of assets who seek quality management and a superior level of service.

MVI is committed to providing the highest quality of property management at an affordable cost, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Key strategies include:

  • Aggressive and successful marketing and leasing, ensuring high occupancy rates and maximizing gross revenue
  • Strong financial reporting adaptable to specific needs of partners
  • Customized highly responsive service
  • Utilizing experience gained from hands-on responsibilities for sophisticated and demanding business partners such as Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. and the United States Government
  • Rigorous adherence to sustainability with LEED-AP certified staff
  • Strong track record of producing buildings with Energy Star ratings in the top percentile of all buildings in the US, with quantifiable benefits both to the bottom line and to the environment

Some of the sustainable practices implemented include:

  • Enrollment of assets in the US EPA's Energy Star Program
  • Implementation of green cleaning programs
  • Ensuring new construction and existing buildings are certified under the Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED) program
  • Implementation of retro-commissioning programs (RCx), often with financial assistance from the local utility jurisdiction
  • Adoption of tenant recycling programs
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